Are you looking for a house built with the newest material innovations on the market today? If so, look into brand new housing developments that are often built using high tech, green materials. While on your search, you might find houses utilizing cross laminated timber, fly ash bricks and plant based paint. These new materials offer far more interesting benefits than their traditional counterparts do. Read on to learn more information about these new building supplies.

Cross Laminated Timber

Builders went back to their roots and began dissecting an early building technique dubbed 'Chicago construction.' This construction technique utilizes a balloon frame design made popular in the 1950s. Unfortunately, with ordinary lumber, the design cannot adequately support buildings taller than two stories. As a result, designers created cross laminated timber that provides this frame with the strength it needs.

To create this innovative material, layers of plywood are locked together with a press. The end result is a single piece of lumber that is just as strong as steel without the additional weight. New home construction experts may use this newly designed material in neighborhoods with relatively loose soil or steep grades.

Fly Ash Bricks

Traditional bricks evolved from dried mud and fired stone to molded concrete and chemically bonded limestone.  A brand new brick making material, called fly ash bricks, blows all of those other options out of the water. These bricks are made from a slurry of fly ash and water. The mixture cements itself together without the use of chemicals or heat.

The natural binding action creates a brick that is even stronger than traditional material combinations. In fact, this brick far exceeds the 50 freeze-thaw cycles that clay and concrete bricks withstand. As a result, new home construction professionals often use this brick type for foundations, porches and driveways in areas known for their cold weather conditions.

Plant Based Paint

Paint inventors were inspired by the natural cleansing properties of the lotus plant while creating an ingenious paint product. This new paint utilizes the slick properties of the lotus leaves to allow rainwater to clean dirt, pollen and debris off the sides of the house with ease. Traditional house paint doesn't usually come clean without the use a of high-powered pressure washer.

The paint color even resists fading associated with prolonged contact with UV rays from the sun. As a result, newly constructed homes may have a coat or two of this inspired paint product on all of their external surfaces. In addition to lumber, this new paint formula adequately covers stucco and concrete finishes in just a few coats without bleeding onto the trim at the edges.  

Finding The Best Home Configuration

Talk to your real estate agent to identify all of the new home construction sites in your area. You'll want to find out the build date of the last house on the lot to identify the newest sites. Real estate agents can share information regarding building supplies used for that new neighborhood. Most of the houses on that site will share similar builds and layouts with each other. Once you find a new housing development with the materials and layouts you seek, go to open houses in that neighborhood to experience the dwelling in person.

If given the chance, builders are happy to discuss all of the innovative materials used for each construction project. Ask your real estate agent for contact information for the builders if you want a detailed report about certain areas of the housing project build. Utilize your gathered information to identify and purchase the perfect new home for your needs.