If you've just bought a used RV, even one that's a newer model, you may be looking forward to your trips around the country -- but you have to double-check that the RV will remain secure. RVs are often manufactured with very basic security in mind, and RV theft is not unheard of, where the whole RV is stolen. Rather than take those risks, check out the following parts of the RV and modify them to make your vehicle more secure.

Change All the Locks

There are two reasons for changing the locks all over an RV. One is that, if it's a used RV, a friend or family member of the previous owner may still have spare keys. If he or she turns out to be not so nice, you could have a mischief maker try to enter the RV or open a storage compartment. The other reason is that the previous owner may have forgotten to change the locks when he or she bought the RV new. RV locks are fairly basic and generic -- and easy to break through. Get stronger locks for all the doors and storage compartments. If you don't feel comfortable changing the locks yourself, or if you're not sure which locks might be best, a locksmith can help you.

Check out RV Alarms

Look into getting an alarm for the RV, both to detect theft and to detect entry into the RV. Remember, these are vehicles. As such, they are at risk of theft, and that means your entire life gets stolen if you live in the RV. Locks are a first line of defense, and an alarm should be next. You can get alarms that connect to an app on a smartphone, so you can use these alarms pretty much anywhere you go, as long as you can get a phone or WiFi signal.

Carry a Wheel Lock

To really make it difficult for someone to drive off with your RV, get a wheel lock (or two). These are similar to the boots used by parking officers in cities; the lock wraps around the wheel and has spikes or wedges that prevent the wheel from turning. Be sure what you get will wedge itself into the ground if someone tries to drive the RV with the lock on; a determined thief won't mind if the lock merely makes the ride bumpy.

Contact a locksmith to discuss RV locks and other security measures. The last thing you want as an RV owner is to find that everyone can access or take what should be a secure vehicle. Visit websites like http://arapahoesecurity.com to learn more.