Did you know that you can be turned down for a home loan even if you have tens of thousands of dollars saved up to purchase a home? While banks encourage home shoppers to contribute as much as they can toward a down payment, they also use specific criteria when approving loan applications. Prior to searching for local real estate for sale, you need to go through these five important steps to strengthen your credit rating and finally get the keys to your new home.

1. Start with a Budget - The main reason for poor credit is lack of budgeting. Calculate the expense associated with every purchase you want to make and figure out if it is within your budget. You will cut down on the amount of impulse purchases you make, resulting in a bigger savings and fewer credit mishaps.

2. Take a Look at Your Credit Reports - Even if you have an idea of what your current credit rating is, remember that credit scores can actually change from day to day. There could be some items on your credit report that shouldn't be there, so request paper copies of your reports so that you can work on rebuilding your credit history.

3. Work with a Financial Advisor - Many people interested in real estate for sale have been able to eventually make a purchase on their own. On the other hand, getting help from an educated financial advisor can be beneficial. Working with a financial advisor can also help you to learn about home purchasing assistance programs as well as savings strategies.

4. Build Your Credit Rating - The good news about poor credit ratings is that they can be improved upon if you are willing to try. Most people with poor credit find that they can see great improvement after no more than a year, and in many cases, just six months. You can apply for secured credit cards, personal lines of credit from your bank, or even get an extra cell phone line to help increase your credit rating quickly.

5. Add to Your Nest Egg - Having the money that you need for your down payment is great, but you will also need extra funds to afford the move. Additionally, you never know when you'll need to hire an HVAC tech or repair a broken window, so you will want your nest egg to be extra cushy at the time you purchase real estate. Make sure that you have extra money in the bank for real estate closing costs, attorney fees, and loan origination fees.

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