If you are looking for a home, you have many things to think of from the number of bathrooms to the square footage. Something else you may want to consider is a smart home. Below is some information about what a smart home can do, how it works, as well as the benefits it offers so can determine if this would be something you would like.

What a Smart Home Can Do

What a smart home can do depends on the products it has. Some things the home you are looking at may do are being able to adjust the HVAC unit, turn on and off lights, preheat the oven, and lock and unlock the doors.  

If the dishwasher is smart, you can set it on a certain schedule. For example, you may want to run your dishwasher every night before you go to bed but often forget to do it. With a smart home this is no problem because the dishwasher will automatically turn on and run it at a preset time you choose.

You can find homes that have smart glass. This means the windows are able to darken themselves, or you can even turn the windows into a screen to watch movies. This is only a few things a smart home can do. Talk with the homeowner to see what they have installed in the home you are looking at.

How a Smart Home Works

A smart home uses Internet of Things and has a network setup in it. With a full setup, there is a computer control system, that works along with the breaker box that is already installed in the home.  Smart homes generally have a central touchpad installed somewhere in your home that allows you to control the different devices, and in most cases, you will be provided with a remote control you can use in place of the touchpad.

Benefits of a Smart Home

The main benefit of a smart home is the convenience of things being done for you without you having to do anything. Smart homes can also be more secure, however. For example, the smart home you are looking at may have features that you can use to track your children, as well as pets, or any house hold employees you may have. You can do this using a type of camera installed in your home that allows you to watch what people are doing from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet when you are away from home.

There also may be cameras installed that you can use to keep an eye on different areas outside your home, such as your front porch and your driveway.

The home may have motion sensor lighting inside. For example, lights can be installed in a hallway to come on if someone has to get up in the middle of the night.

Tell your real estate agent that you want to look at smart homes and they can find them in their listings.