If you don't need or desire large square footage in your new home purchase, you can get a great home at an even better price. As you look at homes for sale, make sure to look for key factors to make sure you are getting the best deal for you.


A house may be small but it should have a spacious yard with a mature landscape that you can enjoy without having to put a lot of work into it. Seek a home for sale that has a fully fenced property so your pets and children have a safe place to roam. A fenced yard can also make a smaller home appear larger and give you a sense of privacy you may not feel like you have with a more open landscape.


A garage is not only an excellent addition to have to keep your car safe from the weather; it gives you extra square footage for storing your belongings that you don't always have in use. A smaller home has fewer places to keep the things you own, and if you are downsizing you may find you have a lot more belongings than you originally thought. Buy a smaller home with a garage or an attached shed so you have a place to put everything you have.

Master bedroom

Some smaller homes still feature a master bedroom with its own attached bathroom. This may mean compromised space in other areas of the home, such as the dining room or kitchen. As you explore a home's potential for your purchase make sure the master bedroom has the space you need and is sizable compared to other rooms of the home.

If a master bedroom is not important to you, then look for a home with an open floor plan to give it the illusion of greater space. Homes that have wider entryways and omit hallways can give the existing space a grander appeal. This is important if you have a larger family or pets and don't want to feel cramped even though you are seeking smaller living quarters to live in.

Your real estate agent can help you find an excellent home to call your own. Compare the cost per square foot of a smaller home purchase to its competitors to help you decide if you are getting a great deal as the home is listed or if you need to come down on the price by offering a more competitive rate.