Are you a pet owner who is planning to rent an apartment? If so, you have likely already figured out that some apartment complexes will not be a good fit for you. This is because some communities have strict "no pet policies." Even if you find a community that allows pets, there may be various restrictions that you need to understand prior to signing a lease. This is because not understanding the lease agreement could result in you forfeiting your security deposit or facing an eviction.

The following are a few points to inquire about as you aim to rent an apartment for you and your pet. 

Weight Limits

Some complexes may have rules that pets must not weigh more than a certain amount. For example, they might allow small dogs but may not allow large dogs such as labradors. This means that if you have a puppy from a large dog breed that is expected to exceed the weight requirement in the future, you need to be mindful of how long you intend to rent at that location. 

Pet Types

Some complexes may also have rules about the types of pets allowed. For example, some may have rules against most furry pets, but they may allow pet owners of fish and small caged animals to rent from them. There may even be breed restrictions. For example, some complexes may not rent to pet owners of dogs they view as aggressive breeds. 

Leash Requirements

It is possible that you will find a complex that enforces leashing pets when outside. This means that you will need to always leash your animal prior to exiting your home or vehicle. Even a happy running dog that is harmless could be viewed as a lease violation if it's not on a leash. 

Number of Pets

You may also find that some complexes limit the number of pets that can dwell in living spaces. They likely make these determinations based on whether or not a pet owner could care for several pets. Pets that are not cared for properly can cause damage in units. 

Fees and Damages

You may have to pay an additional security deposit for your pet(s). It is also possible that your lease agreement may require you to pay a monthly fee to cover the cost of your pet living in the unit. These fees and deposits may be used to ensure that potential damages made by your pets are covered. Inquire about whether they can be refunded in full or partially when your lease ends.