If you love to fish, and you're also in the market to buy a nice vacation home close to New York City, then you have some excellent choices. You have many areas close to the city that you can drive to and spend the weekend fishing. There are spots that are perfect for fans of deep sea fishing, as well as areas that are better situated for fans of freshwater fly fishing. All of them are close enough to the city so that you can drive up after work on a Friday night and head out on a Saturday morning and go fishing. Here's three nice spots to check out homes for sale.

Catskills, New York

The Catskills are famous in NYC. Ask anyone who lives in the city and they will tell you about the famed hotels of the 1950's as well as the great camping, hiking, and hunting. However, it's also perfect for freshwater fishing. You can find towns that have lakes and ponds, or you can look for a home in the woods next to a brook (if you're the type who likes fly fishing for trout).

Montauk, Long Island

If you prefer to go deep sea fishing, and you own your own boat, then there is no better spot than Montauk. It's the most eastern terminus point on Long Island and has long been a destination point for deep sea fisherman. The area has the advantage of being far out east, so you have a jump start when boating out (as opposed to someone who might leave from Staten Island, Rye, or Brooklyn). There are lots of marinas in the area where you can store your boat.

The other nice thing about Montauk is that it's not too trendy, so if you are not a fan of the "Hamptons" crowd, then Montauk is great. It doesn't have the same posh restaurant and club scene as other Long Island beach towns, so you will feel right at home.

Point Pleasant, New Jersey

If you like deep sea fishing, and would like to have a vacation home near the beach, then Point Pleasant is a very cool town. It's located on the Jersey Shore, and there are lots of cool little bungalows and even newer condo developments to choose from. Unlike a place like Montauk, Point Pleasant has a more fun vibe. The beach is really fun during the summer, and there is even a nice old fashioned boardwalk. This area is especially great if you don't have your own boat. There are charter services that run during the spring and summer, so you don't have to worry about storing your own boat. The place caters more to recreational fisherman, so there are not loads of marinas and service shops like there are in Montauk.