Most people who do not have great vision can head to an eye doctor, get an exam, and then receive a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses that allow them to see better or close to perfect. But you may be in a unique situation in which a certain issue with your eyes hinders an easy solution. This may result in you not being able to get a driver's license, but this does not mean you want to rely on help. It is important to focus on this when looking at apartments to end up in one that works well for your needs.

Walking Distance to Essentials

Without the ability to drive, you will either need to rely on walking, public transportation, or being driven places. Since it can be tough to rely on other people to drive you places throughout the week, you should prioritize apartments that have the essentials all within a reasonable walking distance. This means places such as a bank, grocery store, hospital, and even a library should be nearby. It gets even better when you can find things like restaurants and malls that are within the same area, but this should not be a requirement.

Away from Busy Roads        

Being so close to lots of food and entertainment is amazing, but you should keep an eye out for busy roads. Not having the best vision means you will benefit from being cautious while walking around. If you are able to avoid such areas throughout most of the week when you go shopping for groceries, you should feel confident about any apartments that are around the area because safety should not be a concern. It is ideal when traffic is broken up on most streets with street lights and stop signs to help pedestrians.

Easily Accessible Unit

Another factor that you may want to consider is the accessibility of the unit itself. For instance, a unit that is at the back of an apartment complex on the second or third story may not be that easy to access. But a place on the first floor and in the front of the complex near the street is perfect for your needs. It is also helpful when the walkways are wide enough so that you do not need to walk along the edge.

Considering these things when shopping around for apartments will help you know what to look for and it will ultimately make the process of finding the right place both easier and quicker. A real estate agent can help you find an apartment that fits your unique needs.