When you are going to be shopping for a new home you can take some extra measures to increase the chance that you will find the perfect home for you at a price that meets your financial needs. This short guide to shopping for your next home will help you find the best home fast so you can get on with the next chapter of your life.

Make sure you give your real estate agent the right information

When you discuss your wants and needs with your real estate agent, you want to make sure they have the complete picture. You also want them to know all the areas where you have flexibility.

If you are looking for a three bedroom house, you may think telling your agent that a three bedroom house is your requirement is sufficient. However, this can prevent you from being shown the perfect two bedroom home for sale that has an add-on that would work perfectly for your needs, but isn't able to be listed as an actual bedroom. Another example would be telling your agent that you don't want stairs in your home. If there is a great home that has a sunken living room with a few stairs then they may not think of you and it could actually be the best home for you.

Now that you see how the words you use to explain what you want--and don't want--can dictate the houses you are shown, you will have a better understanding of what to say to your agent so they know exactly how open minded you are.

Consider looking at homes that need small repairs

You may want to let your real estate agent know that you are willing to look at homes that need some repairs. You may end up with a fantastic house for a spectacular price simply because it needs new carpet and paint. When you consider how much you can save and the price of having small repairs done, you can really come out on the winning side.

Record the viewing of each house

Record every house that you look at. This helps you to remember small details each house has and prevents you from getting the houses confused with one another. If you end up feeling stuck between two or even more houses, then you can use the recordings to weigh the pros and cons of what the different houses have so you can figure out which house is going to be the best.