If you are in the market for a new home then you may be tossing around the idea of buying a condo. Condo living may not be for everyone, but those who decide its right for them can end up being extremely happy with their decision for many reasons. If you are going back and forth with whether or not you should buy a condo then you may want to ask yourself these questions:

Do you like the idea of having extremely close neighbors?

If you are the type of person that likes the idea of a large yard and plenty of space before your neighbor's house then you probably won't enjoy condo living. However, if you like the idea of stepping out your front door in the morning and enjoying a chat with your neighbor while you enjoy a cup of coffee, then you may fit right in and really enjoy it.

Are you okay with following rules regarding your place?

There are certain rules that need to be followed in a condo community and they help to keep things looking great and running smoothly. Some examples of the types of rules you will be expected to follow when living in a condo community include not working on cars on your property or not changing the appearance of your condo's exterior without prior written approval from the home owner's association. If you don't like the idea that you will have to follow extra rules then you may not want to go into a condo community. However, if you are fine with those rules then you'll be a good match for condominium living.

Are you fine with having a smaller living space?

Condominiums don't offer you the large yard that you can choose to go with in single family homes. They are generally in more of a confined space. If you are looking forward to living in a smaller space that's going to be much easier for you to maintain and that won't cost you as much with regards to the utilities, then condo living may be a great choice for you.


Once you decide that a condo is the right choice for you it will bring you one step closer to finding the right home for you and your family to move into. Condo living also has a lot of other benefits that you will be able to enjoy as a resident of the community. If you decide it is right for you, it is time to start looking for open houses.