Buying a house can be a very exciting time. You may get so excited, in fact, that you forget to check some very important details about a home you want to buy. That could cost you big, and not just in monetary terms either. Here are five things you need to check out before you even make an offer on a house. (Not all of them are directly related to the house or money.)

The Neighborhood

Is the neighborhood quiet because it is loaded with senior citizens and no kids, or is it quiet because there is a lot of illegal activity and everyone is trying to remain on the down-low? Either way, you have to consider what this means for your kids, if you have any or when you have children. Most parents find it preferable to have children close by so that their kids have other kids to play with in the neighborhood. You also do not want to buy a house in high criminal activity area.

The School District

Not every public school and public school system can rank high on standardized tests and safety. That said, be sure to check the school ratings on whatever local schools your children would be attending if you bought the house you are considering. You do not want to find out that their new schools are subpar after you have already bought the house. 

The Number and Locations of Child Sex Offenders

Some cities do not have any restrictions on where child sex offenders can live, which means you could be living right next door to one and not even know it. Other cities may restrict the distance between offenders and schools and playgrounds, but a child walking past a sex offender's house is still in danger. There is a website that will tell you how many sex offenders are in your city and neighborhood/burrough/parish, and just where they are located. If you are still not swayed about buying the house, just be really careful about where your kids walk.

The Solidness of the House's Structure

Finally, you should check the full structure of the home. Does it lean one direction? Does the foundation have cracks in it? Does the roof have loose shingles or need patching? How about the load-bearing walls? Are they sound? All of this is just as valid as everything above, because you want to be sure that your home is more than a home; it is protection. Do not make an offer on a home that is neither safe nor sound.

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