If you are planning on selling your home, you probably want to bring in a large range of potential buyers. Hosting an open house event can be a positive way to bring about awareness of what your property has to offer, and possibly the best potential buyer for your home. Whether you are planning a do it yourself open house event, or you will enlist the help of a professional Realtor, there are a few measures to take to ensure your listing – and the event itself – is successful. Here is what you need to know – and set forth in your open house plan:

1. Use the Internet to Your Full Advantage

In these modern times, most perspective home buyers search for their ideal new home online, rather than the old fashioned way of sifting through newspaper listings. To achieve satisfactory results, why not advertise your open house event on the Internet? A real estate website should be the place to start, but it doesn't hurt to use social media to your advantage as well. Word of mouth can draw people in. A detailed description of your home, the event and of course, the date is what you will need to list. Don't forget to list directions to your open house event, so everyone can arrive without any hassle.

2. Include Clear and Picture-Perfect Photos In Your Listings

For a professional style listing, you will want to include clear photos of your house, including the interior and exterior. Before doing so, create a "staging" of sorts. Begin by de-cluttering your home of anything that may cause a distraction. Equally important, perform a thorough cleaning in order to showcase a spotless house. Create an appearance of a spacious home with strategically placed furniture.

Now you are ready to take a few photos for your listing. For the best results, use a quality camera, not your smartphone. Try and snap the pictures on a bright, clear and sunny day. When taking a photo of the interior of a room, stand in the doorway looking in. Take several photos and use the ones that look the best. Photos taken with a digital camera will not cost you money on film and developing, so keep on clicking.

3. Choose Your Words Carefully and Be Descriptive

When creating a real estate listing of any kind, your choice of words can make a huge difference. To draw people in to your open house and make the home seem appealing, be as descriptive as possible. List all amenities and upgrades.

Use words and phrases that command attention. Don't compose a listing that merely states your home is in "move-in condition." Instead, describe your home with forceful words such as "must-see upgrades and amenities" so prospective buyers will want to check it out. Don't be afraid to boast, because now is not the time to be modest. If your home is lovely or luxurious, let everyone know. Include a description about the landscape, and let everyone know your home has curb appeal. This may peak interest and bring people in to your open house.

4. Make a Party Out of It

If you want your open house listing to stand out and draw people in, what better way to do so than to offer free entertainment and food. Spread the word around the neighborhood. The food doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just set up a buffet table with easy to serve offerings such luncheon meats and cheese or "finger foods" and sandwiches. If you want to keep it ultra simple, just offer some light refreshments such as soft drinks and snacks.