When you are house hunting you will most likely speak to several different real estate agents before deciding on which one you want to help you find your home. There are a few traits you should look for when picking a real estate agent and primarily in their customer service skills. You will have a better house hunting experience if your chosen agent has industry skills as well as knows how to work with the public. Here are some customer service traits you should look for when you choose your agent.

How Fast Do They Respond?

When you are looking for a real estate agent, you should take note on how long it takes those you contact to respond to your phone calls. There are many choice in agents today, and there is no need to wait days for a response back from your inquiries. A good customer service trait for a real estate agent should be a quick response to either a phone call or email message to them, and preferably within the same day if not the same morning or afternoon in which you contacted them.

Anticipates Your Needs

Some agents will wait until you tell them what you are looking for and when you give details of the neighborhood and house type you want. A good customer service trait for an agent to have is to listen to what you are telling them and then anticipates your needs in other areas such as if you might prefer a bungalow or two-storey house, if you want any special amenities to a condo like a pool or work out room or perhaps you want a garage or spare room in which to do projects in. It could also extend to how long you want the closing date to be as well.

You Are Given Information

A great real estate agent who has good customer service skills will make sure you are given all important information you need to make your decision. This means, they tell you about your chosen neighborhood, they give you the house's history and if there had been any trouble or structural issues with it in the past and also different financial information like downpayments and mortgage tidbits that you might not know about. A good agent will fill you in on any tax changes that have happened in the past year or since you bought your last house, and any other important bit of information you should know.