Of the many important jobs landlords do, keeping tenant spaces secured is an important one. And it can be difficult to manage all of the factors that go into tenant security, from unwanted guests to home security failure. Here are tips for managing security to the best of your ability and budget.

Screen Tenants Well

Your first line of defense is not to let any bad tenants onto your property. Tenants who bring over people who you wouldn't want on your property will be a security threat that it's hard to get rid of or mitigate. So, don't neglect to do background checks, employment verification, and any other screening measures that you need to do to feel comfortable with the people you're bringing onto the property. A rental management company can also take care of these tasks for you as well as manage some of the following tasks for increased rental security.

Do Regular Lock Rekeying

Each time a tenant moves out, consult a locksmith to do lock rekeying. That is an effective way to keep the number of people with access to the property low. Of course, it's hard to rekey common spaces each time one person moves out, but you might want to schedule a time (such as every 5 or 10 years) to change these locks as well. If you have a string of break-ins or other major security breach, that would be a good time to rekey all common spaces, as well as review other aspects of your property's security.

Place Security Cameras in Visible and Less Visible Places

You want to have some obvious security cameras in areas where there are high traffic. Potential intruders will be discouraged from attacking your property. But they will also have an idea of where those cameras are and how to avoid them. So a second aspect of security is placing cameras in areas where they are hard to be seen. That way, if anything suspicious happens on the property, you can potentially catch the identity of a troublesome visitor before they have a chance to do anything major.

Contract with a Security Company

Knowing the identity of potential burglars doesn't do much if your security response is slow. Private security companies will have a quicker response than the police in most cases, so consider getting a security package so that you have someone standing by in case there is a bad situation brewing. When you take the time to develop all of these security measures, you can protect yourself from property damage and keep your tenants safer.