When you begin shopping for a home, your agent may talk to you about getting a home inspection. This is not something that is always required, yet it is something every home buyers should get. Here are four important things to know about home inspections.

Some lenders require them

To buy a house, you will most likely need a loan, and the lender offering the loan will have rules about it. The rules typically are based on the type of loan program you choose. Conventional, FHA, and USDA loans are three types of loan programs, and each of these has different requirements. If the type of loan you get requires a home inspection, this will not be optional. You will have to hire a home inspector after choosing the home you want to buy.

The home inspection may or may not reveal problems

During the home inspection, the inspector will work off a checklist examining each important part of the home you are hoping to buy. This includes inspecting the roof, plumbing system, foundation, and electrical system.

If the inspector finds anything wrong with the home, he or she will include it on the home inspection report. Some things might be small, trivial issues, but there may also be major issues. The inspector will not tell you how much it would cost to fix them. Instead, the job of the inspector is only to find the problems.

You can be present during the inspection

One thing people do not realize is that they can be present during the home inspection if they choose to be. This refers to the people buying the house. The person selling the house will not typically be present but can be if he or she chooses to be.

You can require the seller to pay for the repairs

To close on the loan, you can require that the seller fix and pay for all the necessary repairs. If the seller refuses to do this, you can back out of the deal without losing any money. To make sure the seller will pay for the things, you should include that stipulation in the purchase offer. You can do this by writing that you will be getting a home inspection and are requesting the seller to fix and pay for anything found during the inspection.

If you are ready to start looking around in your area for a home to buy, talk to a real estate agent. There are agents in every city and town that can help you find the right home to purchase.