If your older parents are in a dire financial situation or are no longer able to live entirely on their own, you may be considering building them living quarters into your garage. Having them right next door can be handy, and using the garage keeps you from having to start completely fresh with an addition. However, this solution can have its pros and cons. Consider these points before you hire a builder.

Pro: Your parents will be separate, but easily accessible.

When your parents live in a garage apartment, you really have the best of both worlds. You can reach them easily by walking through the garage door, and yet they still have their own space. You will all have a lot more privacy than if they were to move into a spare bedroom. But you won't have to drive across town to see them, either.

Con: Making the garage accessible can be tough.

Even if your parents are completely mobile right now, they may start having some mobility issues as they age. Problems with mobility can come on suddenly, and when they do, it's important that your parents' living quarters are easy for them to navigate with a wheelchair, scooter, or walker. Your garage conversion company will need to take these mobility needs into account as they create a design, which can increase the scope and cost of the project.

Pro: You can build a bathroom and kitchenette into the garage.

Assuming you have at least a two-car garage, you should have enough space to turn it into a studio apartment-like area, rather than just a bedroom. You can include a bathroom and maybe even a kitchenette area with a microwave, toaster oven (or full stove) and sink. This allows your parent to maintain their independence and feel like they have their own living quarters rather than just space in your home.

Con: You'll be giving up storage space.

If you're like most people, you use your garage for a substantial amount of storage. If you convert it to living space for your parents, then you'll lose this storage. You may need to rent a storage unit or build a new shed instead, which can add to your costs.

Talk to your parents to see how they feel about moving into your garage. There are companies that specialize in converting garage space into bedrooms and living space, and they can create a custom apartment for your needs.Visit a site like NextDoorGarageApartments.com for more help.