If you just sold your house and do not expect to move into the house you are buying for at least a couple of months, you might find it challenging locating a place to live for just a short period of time. Finding temporary living is not easy in most cases, but there are some options you could consider looking into, and here are three of them.

Furnished apartments

The first option you have in this situation is to search for furnished apartment rentals in your area. A furnished apartment is one that is ready for a person to move into. It contains all the necessities, in terms of furniture, and some furnished apartments even include kitchenware and linens. One key feature of most furnished apartments is that they offer month-to-month leases, and this is the exact type you would need in this situation. You should expect to pay more per month for an apartment like this, mainly because it includes furniture and because it offers a short-term lease option. If you chose this option, you would have to find a place to store all your things during the time you stay in a furnished apartment.

Regular apartments

The second option you have is to look for a regular apartment. If you would prefer to bring all your own stuff into the place you rent for a few months, you might be able to find a facility that would allow you to have a short-term lease. If so, you may have to pay a premium for the unit, but at least you would have a place to live while you are in between houses.

Vacation homes

Today, a lot of people are renting out houses they own for people who are traveling or on vacation. There are websites that you can use to locate homes like this in your area, and these homes are generally furnished and offer the ability to rent them by the night or week. You might even be able to rent one by the month. This may be the costliest option of all, but it would solve the problem you are facing.

A good place to begin with your search for temporary housing is by contacting a property management company. This type of company offers rental units and might be able to help you find a temporary apartment or home to rent during your transition between homes. For more help, reach out to a company like Alternative Real Estate today.