Are you looking to find a place of your own and are hunting for an apartment? If so, it will help to look for the following things on the apartment rental listing to know if it is a good fit for you:


If you're looking for an apartment in a big city, be aware that all apartments do not automatically come with a parking spot. Some apartment buildings expect you to rent a spot from a nearby garage or rely on street parking instead. If the apartment building does provide parking, sometimes that spot comes with a monthly fee. If there are two people that will be living in the unit, you may find yourself limited to only having one parking spot. Make sure you fully understand the parking situation to figure out if it works for your needs. If you don't have a car, then this will not even be a concern for you. 

Pet Policy

Do you have a furry friend that you plan on taking with you to your apartment? Be sure to check the listing to see if they allow pets. It is possible that an apartment building may not allow pets at all, only allow cats, or charge a pet deposit fee if you decide to bring a pet with you. This can easily help eliminate some places if you plan on bringing a pet with you. If the listing doesn't mention anything about pets, reach out to the landlord to find out the answer.

On Site Amenities

Every apartment building is different when it comes to the amenities that they have on site. Some have bike storage so that you do not need to leave your bike outdoors, while others do not. You may have access to a storage unit in the basement so that you can keep some large items secured and out of sight. Laundry could be on site, or you may have to venture out to a local laundromat each time you need to get your clothes clean. Always check out the amenities to ensure that they have the features that you are looking for.

Unit Placement

The placement of the unit within a building can make a big difference to your enjoyment while living there, especially with so many neighbors. Pay close attention to whether or not the unit is listed on a top floor if you want to avoid hearing footsteps. A corner unit can also be great at reducing noise from people that live next to you, since you'll be sharing fewer walls with tenants.