If you went on vacation and you are now getting bites on your legs at night while you are sleeping, you may have brought home bed bugs. You can get bed bugs in your suitcase if they were in the hotel room that you stayed in. Below are signs that you have these bugs, as well as tips to get them out of your home.

Signs of Bed Bugs

The main signs of bed bugs are waking up with bites on your legs. There are other signs that you can look for, however. The first thing to do is to remove the blankets and sheets off your bed. Look closely through the seams surrounding your mattress. One thing you may see is small drop spots, which is what they leave behind as they are moving around the mattress. You may also see small see-through things which is where baby bed bugs crawl out of when they are born.

You should also turn your mattress over to see if you see any of these signs. Bed bugs can also get into curtain seams, your drawers, on the carpet, and more. Bed bugs generally only come out at night.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are very difficult to remove, especially if you have a lot of them. If you think you only have a few, you can first try on your own. Purchase bug spray that is made for bed bugs at a store and then follow the directions. This spray is a type of chemical that will kill the bugs.

You should also wash your bedding and sheets in hot water, and then dry these things on the highest temperature on your dryer. Also, clean curtains and clothing that you brought home in your suitcases. If you did find any sign of bed bugs on your mattress, you can use a stiff brush to rub over the mattress to remove the bed bugs, as well as the eggs. Once you do this, then vacuum your entire home.

If you still see bed bugs, then contact a pest control company. The pest control company can determine if you do have bed bugs. If they do find these, they will then set up a plan to get them out of your home. The pest control company will likely have to come back more than once to keep bed bugs under control.

A bed bug control company that you hire can give you more information on ways to get your home free of bed bugs.