When some people think about timeshares, they're quick to think about a one-size-fits-all resort that they can visit anytime without any added cost. However, this idea isn't exactly true; timeshares are not monolithic. In the same manner that these properties are located in various parts of the world, properties have different amenities, schedules, and other aspects. To get the most out of your investment, you must choose wisely.

Ownership Guidelines

Different timeshare companies offer different options when it comes to ownership. The two most common options are right-to-use or RTU and deeded ownership. An RTU agreement grants you ownership of the timeshare for a specific period, as noted within your contract. At the end of this period, your contract expires and you have the option to renew or walk away from the property. 

With deeded ownership, you own the property indefinitely, and in many instances, you can even pass the property on to a loved one. Neither option is better than the other. Instead, you should examine what type of commitment you want to enter into and go from there. 


Think about how you vacation to select a timeshare. Similar to ownership, there are two main options for timeshare scheduling: floating or fixed. With a floating schedule, you can select which weeks you want to visit your timeshare every year. So, if you want to visit during Thanksgiving holiday one year, and Christmas the next, you can.

With a fixed schedule, you have your timeshare for the same period every year. If you have the type of schedule that is always changing, it's safer for you to choose a property that offers you a floating schedule to ensure your flexibility needs are met. 


Consider the overall atmosphere of the property. This step is especially important if you plan to travel with children. Some timeshares cater to couples or older travels, whereas some properties have an equal number of activity and entertainment options for children of all ages.

Since the goal of a vacation is for everyone to have fun, make sure you choose a timeshare company that has properties that cater to your needs. Fortunately, many timeshare companies list plenty of pictures and amenity details online, so you should be able to quickly determine what type of resort it is. 

Make sure you take your time and do the research before you select a property. Not only will you get more out of your investment by performing this step, but you will have a better time on your vacation. 

To learn more about timeshares like Hilton timeshares, contact resorts in your area.