Searching for an apartment in today's market can be tough with many areas showing an increase in market rent and a decrease in available units. However, when you are looking for an apartment that is pet friendly to allow your cat in the unit with you, it can add another difficulty into the process. Here are some tips to help you as you look for your next apartment with a cat-friendly atmosphere.

Search Online

As your go-to search tool, you can complete a full search of your area by looking online through various national and local websites. There are a variety of websites where commercial and individual landlords and property managers can list their rentals online to help them find new tenants and decrease their vacancies.

With this accessibility to look for an apartment, you can also click the box to search for pet friendly apartments. Then, you can narrow down your search to an apartment that also has the size and space accommodations you need. Keep in mind some pet-friendly apartments may only allow small dogs or cats and not large breeds of animals, so be sure you check into this as well.

Ask Around

Another way to find apartments for rent that may not be listed on local websites is to ask around with those you know. Ask around to find out what local landlords are looking for a renter and will allow your cat into the unit.

Some landlords rely solely on word of mouth to rent their apartments to those they know or friends of tenants. This is a good tactic to get people into their property they know and to get good recommendations from those they rent to already. 

Find Out if Your Cat Qualifies as a Support Animal

If you have a cat that helps you deal with emotional issues, such as depression, anxiety, or emotional stress, you may be protected under the Fair Housing Act. When you have an emotional disability that requires you to have a cat or other pet as your companion at home, the apartment you choose to rent from cannot discriminate against you based on your having a cat. They have to let you rent from them even if they have a no pet policy.

However, you do need to get a written evaluation from a counselor or therapist to confirm your cat is your emotional support animal and provide it to the landlord. Some landlords may not be aware of this law within the Fair Housing Act, but you can educate them on the information in a positive way.

To learn more information about finding a cat friendly apartment, reach out to a professional near you.