The process to buy a home is one in which you need the help and resources that come with hiring a real estate agent. Your realtor can be a great tool to help you through the process, as well as some essential tasks you can complete by starting things off. Here are some home-buying recommendations to make your upcoming purchase process a bit easier, less stressful, and more planned out.

Get Your Finances In Order

As a first priority in your life and to make a purchase in a home, you want to get your finances in order and set up so you can budget for a home and start the mortgage application process. First, make a list of your financial responsibilities, including bills and expenses, such as eating out and contributing to savings, and calculate what you have left over for a mortgage payment. 

Keep in mind that with a home purchase, in addition to your mortgage payment, you must consider the cost of home and property hazard insurance, property taxes, new utility bills which may be more than what you are paying for now, HOA fees, and additional costs you are not paying for now. Be sure you include all your incidentals and everyday costs, so scroll through your bank statement transactions to get a good idea of how much you really spend. 

Next, you can contact a mortgage broker to apply for a mortgage. Your real estate agent can refer a great one to you if you do not have one in mind. 

Know What You Don't Want

When you start looking at properties, you might feel the excitement of looking at a lot of homes that are for sale, no matter what their specific features are. However, this can cause you to get overwhelmed with decisions and options, making it impossible to narrow down your choices. For example, do you want a multi-story home or a ranch style home? When you make some concrete decisions about what you want and don't want in a home, you can better use your time to look at properties that fit exactly into your needs.

Make a list of features you want in a home and any you definitely do not want. For example, list the number of bedrooms and approximate square feet or look for a floor plan that is open in the main living space. If you do not want a home with a detached garage or a yard on a slope, make sure you exclude these features from your search list. Get with your real estate agent to communicate exactly what you want in a home. Then, when they compile a list of properties for you to search, you will use your time precisely to look at homes that could be a potential purchase for you.

To learn more, contact a real estate agent.