If you are tired of missing out on a perfect home in a competitive market, there are things you can do. Take a look at the below tips and make the right moves for homeownership today.

  1. Broaden Your Area – Depending on where you live, you might need to expand your search results to other neighborhoods or towns. You could be missing out on a great home that is just over the line in another county, for example.
  2. Be Flexible With Repairs – Perfect homes might take a little work upfront, and your quest for a move-in ready home might be less productive than you wish. Being prepared to do some work to create the perfect home for you might be the missing key to getting what you want.
  3. Have Financing Figured Out – Most sellers will give a priority to buyers who have taken the step to get preapproved financing. This step not only provides you with a better standing when putting in an offer, but it helps buyers to search within appropriate price categories and save time.
  4. Be Reasonable About Closing Times – The closing meeting contains several opportunities for buyers and sellers to come to an agreement. The more flexible a buyer can be, the easier the seller will perceive you to be to work with. For example, most buyers are eager to move in but the seller may need more time to move out of the home. Be cognizant of the seller's needs when negotiating closing times.
  5. Don't Miss Opportunities to View Homes – Open house events are an easy and fun way to look at homes but buyers should never discount an opportunity to put in an offer. Do some preparation before you attend the open house and do some quick thinking if the home is great. Open houses often result in a sale in the first few days afterward.
  6. Be Flexible With Wants and Needs – Everyone has a wish list of key features they are looking for in a home, but don't let those requirements blind you to homes don't have every feature you wish for. Some factors are easier to address than others, so be careful when judging a home for things like traffic flow, kitchen utility, space, light, and more. Know what can be adjusted and how much it will cost to do so, and you then can feel confident making an offer on a potential home.
  7. Don't Make a Mess of the Contract – If you make an offer and it's full of contingency clauses, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. Sellers prefer clean contracts with very few contingencies so use them with care.

To find out more tips when buying commercial real estate in a hot market, speak to a real estate agent.