It's a well-known aspect of the real estate market that the best time to sell a home is during mild weather, such as the spring. That's when buyers emerge from hibernation to begin their home search. If you need to sell your home during the winter, though, push that thought aside because homes can and do sell regardless of the calendar. Selling your home in cold weather does require a few extra steps, however. Read below for some tips to follow that will have your home sold no matter what the temperature may read.


Nothing says "home" like a warm and cozy fireplace. If your home has one, play it up for all it's worth. You can do that by making the mantel attractive and arranging some rugs, seating, and pillows near the hearth. Be sure to light the fireplace before buyers view the home. Following up on the cozy theme, make your living areas look more inviting with throws and lots of pillows on the couch, seats, and on the bed. Faux fur adds a luxurious touch, and all of these little touches are inexpensive.

Winter's days are shorter and things can look a bit dark during the day. Light-filled rooms look warm and inviting and can even create the illusion of more space. Be sure to turn on some well-placed lamps in each room and open the curtains and blinds to allow light to enter. Scents are an evocative aspect of a home and buyers will likely respond positively to scents that say "cozy and content." While freshly-baked cookies are an old trick, if you don't have time to bake, place a pot of boiling water with some cinnamon sticks in it for a bit before the buyer arrives.


Don't let winter hazards create problems at your home. If you are unable to attend to things, be sure to hire someone to shovel snow and de-ice driveways and walkways.

If your home is empty, you can still make things cozy by making sure the heat is set to start before the buyers arrive. You can take care of that using a programmable thermostat, an app to control home functions, or just by having the real estate agent turn the heat up.

Even when your backyard area looks its bleakest, you should draw the buyer's attention to its features. If you have a deck, for example, keep it looking neat and place some seating and perhaps a fire pit on it to encourage the buyer to imagine themselves roasting marshmallows.

For some additional tips on creating a home atmosphere that will sell even in frosty temperatures, talk to a realtor.