After considering all your options including condos, townhomes, and single-family homes, you may decide that a condo is the type of property that will satisfy your needs.

Although you may feel like you can determine how much square footage to demand as well as the number of bedrooms, you might not know about what other details to focus on. Learning why a top-floor condo is worth getting over other options will help you make this a top priority.

Natural Lighting

When you pick a condo on the top floor, you should feel confident about getting the most natural light when compared with other units in the same building. For instance, you will maximize the chance that your unit's windows are higher than nearby trees to avoid any obstructions. This will make it possible to open the balcony door or windows and get reliable natural light every day.


Buying a condo in a cold climate means that you may know the outside temperatures will be somewhat cold throughout a lot of the year, especially in the evenings. This makes a top floor unit quite desirable because heat will rise through the units and eventually reach yours.

While you will still want to use a heater to stay comfortable throughout winter and cold nights, you can look forward to getting extra heat from the units below. Another way that you will get more warmth is by having more direct sunlight hitting exterior walls to warm up the inside.


Although it depends on what floor you end up on with your condo purchase, you can look forward to a mid-rise or high-rise condo providing peace and quiet from a top floor unit. Being this high will reduce how much noise you hear from both pedestrians and vehicles down below. Another advantage of being on the top floor is not having to worry about hearing neighbors above.


For the same reason that you will get better natural lighting by being so high, you can look forward to getting better views from a top-floor condo over other floors. In most cases, you will not have to worry about visual obstructions getting in the way of enjoying great views outside. An additional perk is that being so high often provides more desirable views in the first place.

While you can find satisfaction in any condo that meets your most important needs, you may want to prioritize a top-floor unit to enjoy these benefits. Contact a real estate agent to learn more.