Residential real estate services cover a wide range of services that can help someone selling their home, someone looking to buy a home, someone renting out a home, and someone looking to rent a home. This short guide on residential real estate services will help better inform you of some of the specific things these services include. 

Selling a home 

When selling a home, the real estate agent will help in many ways. Some of the different services that they will provide to the seller can and often do include some of the following things:

  • Listing the home so buyers and agents are aware it is on the market
  • Taking pictures and/or videos of the home
  • Advertising the home using a variety of advertising methods
  • Discussing the home with other agents that may already have buyers
  • Providing advice on what things should be done to increase value and ensure a fast sale
  • Staging the home, which includes furnishing and decorating it so it is appealing
  • Having an open house that can generate much more interest in the home
  • Showing the home when someone has an interest in it

Buying a home

When a person decides that they want to buy a home, the real estate agent will help them to find the right home for them that meets as many of the demands they have as possible. Here are some of the specific things the agent will do that can help the buyers find the right home as quickly as possible:

  • Search the MLS for homes that meet the buyers wants
  • Network with other agents to learn of homes soon coming on the market
  • Showing homes to the buyers in person or using tour software if they can't be seen in person
  • Sending offers to the selling agent on behalf of the buyer
  • Assisting with the closing of Escrow

Renting a home out

When a homeowner wants to rent out a home, a real estate agent who deals in management services can help in the following ways: 

  • Seeing to the preparations to make the home move-in ready
  • Advertising the home for rent
  • Showing the home to prospective renters
  • Vetting prospective renters to choose a creditworthy and reliable tenant
  • Completing the signing of the lease and accepting all move-in fees
  • Collecting rent
  • Dealing with maintenance issues
  • Evicting necessary tenants

Helping with renting a home

People who are looking to rent a home may also go to a real estate agent who deals in property management services. In these cases, the real estate agent will help by tending to the services specified above and helping the renters to find just what it is they want after learning more about them and helping them secure the rental they qualify for.

To get help with any of these services, reach out to a residential real estate service.