Are you looking to purchase a home for your family? Are you not yet sure what type of home would be the best fit? If you are still wondering whether you would like a single-story home, a two-story home, or a three-level home, then you might find that the information here on different types of homes to help you when it comes to coming to a final decision. 

Some different types of homes

Single-story residence 

A single-story home can be a small and quaint one, or it can be a large and spectacular one. Single-story homes also offer the choice of many layouts, which include ones in which all the bedrooms are close together or split homes, in which the master is on the other side of the home. Some have small kitchens perfect for those who don't see the need for much space, and others have lavish kitchens for those who entertain many for dinners or just prefer to cook with plenty of space to move about. One of the things some like about this type of home is there are no stairs to climb, making it especially good for those who have a harder time getting around or who are at risk of falling. 

Two-story residence 

A two-story residence is a home that can offer double the square footage without taking double the amount of land. A two-story home will usually have most, if not all, of the bedrooms on the upper level. This makes the home great for those who like more privacy and quietness when people are about in the living areas, and they are in their bedrooms. One of the things some really like about this home is the bedrooms can offer excellent views. 

Three-story residence

A three-story home is one with three levels that are staggered in a way where each level can be reached by going up shorter sets of stairs, usually about half the height of regular stairs. Three-level homes tend to have the living area such as the living room and kitchen on the middle level, with bedrooms both upstairs and downstairs, or with the bedrooms upstairs and a basement, den, or other common areas down on the lowest level. Many people who like three-level homes like the unique architecture of them, while others like them because they offer some of the features of a two-story home without the tall stairways to climb.

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