If you have recently purchased a vacation home, you may be on the fence about whether to rent it out as a short-term rental or keep it as a private residence. Most people who own a vacation home find that renting out the home to travelers has a lot of advantages. This is especially true when a vacation home is located in a desirable location that many people like to visit. Hiring a property management company to take care of all of the details associated with renting out a vacation home can make things much easier. Some of the top reasons to rent out your vacation home include:

Offset Overhead Costs of Owning a Second Home

One of the top reasons that people opt to rent out their vacation home is the fact that doing so is a great way to offset overhead costs. The income generated from renting out a vacation home can cover a lot of different costs, such as mortgage payments and regular property maintenance. Some very popular vacation home rentals can actually bring in enough money over the course of the year to turn a profit even after all expenses are paid. If your recently purchased vacation home is in a prime location, renting it out when you're not using it can be quite lucrative.

Keep Your Vacation Home Secure

Renting out your vacation home is a great way to keep your property secure. When your vacation home is a short-term rental there will be people coming and going, so the property won't sit empty. This is a good thing because vacant homes that are always empty are more likely to attract vandals or intruders. By renting out your vacation home frequently, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that there are always guests at your rental property as well as a property management company watching over it.


Some people are able to spend several months a year at their vacation home, while others may only visit for a few weeks annually. Even if you choose to rent out your vacation home, you will still have great flexibility and can visit as often as you like. You can also offer the use of your vacation home to friends and family. All you have to do is block out the dates that you will be using your property so it is not rented out to another party.