Real estate agents know that in order to sell a home, it needs to be marketed to the right buyers. This includes having the best pictures and videos possible to give potential buyers the best views from every angle. While not new, commercial drone videography has become more popular in recent years to help showcase homes and the surrounding neighborhoods.

How do you pick the right commercial drone videographer for your listings? Here are some tips so you can pick the right one for your needs.

They Understand Real Estate Videography

Many drone videographers are also photographers who have done shoots for their real estate agent clients. You will want to look for videographers who have a good understanding of commercial drone videography and how to make the outside of the house feel inviting and showcase its best features.

They need to understand the importance of taking video at varying heights around the property and shooting from different angles so buyers can feel like they are actually on the property. If it's a larger home they are shooting, they need to film the entire property, show the property lines whenever possible, and also take a video of the surrounding neighborhood. That way, potential buyers can see if there are any stores close by and what the overall neighborhood is like.

They Understand The Technical Aspect Of Outdoor Videography

While you can use a drone on the inside of a larger home, especially in grand entranceways to really make the home stand out, drone use is mostly done outside the home. This is where your photographer should understand the technical aspect of outdoor commercial drone videography.

Some homes are located in or around mountain ranges which could affect wind speed in that area. Higher wind speeds can affect the drone's ability to fly and take a steady video. Alternatively, the home could be located in a humid area and the higher humidity can affect a drone's camera as well.

Wherever the home is located, the videographer must understand what type of drone is best for each type of home they shoot. Some larger properties will need a drone capable of higher flight, longer flying time, and even more maneuverability.

A good drone videographer will understand each of your listings' needs and will accommodate them.

What Packages They Offer

When you are looking for good commercial drone videography, you will want to find a professional who offers different types of packages. This could include traditional photography or videography along with drone footage, or it could include the editing of the footage into a DVD or streaming package you can share online or if you have to edit the footage yourself.

Packages may also include the raw footage, depending on whether you have to pay for that extra addition. Overall, find a drone videographer who offers a range of packages because you may not always need the same type of work for each listing. Contact a company that provides commercial drone videography for real estate for more information.