Investing in real estate is a good way to grow wealth since real estate gets more valuable over the years and you can earn income from rentals to help cover your expenses. There are several types of investment properties for sale, and you might be interested in more than one type. Here are some properties you may want your agent to show you when you're looking for investment properties.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings are some of the most expensive types of real estate, but they are often good investments if you have the money or if you invest with a group. You might be interested in small shops or large multi-story professional buildings. You'll want to work with a commercial real estate agent since they'll understand the process of buying commercial buildings and land, which can be different from buying residential properties.

Single-Family Homes

Buying homes so you can put them on the rental market is a less expensive way to get started investing in real estate. You might want to buy run-down homes you can fix up, but you might prefer to buy homes that are ready for tenants. If you don't like the idea of dealing with tenants and collecting rent, you can let a property management company screen tenants, make sure your homes are all occupied, collect rent, deal with problem tenants, and handle emergencies that arise.

This frees you to focus on finding investment properties for sale that match your needs so you can grow your portfolio of homes.


Multi-family homes and apartments are also good real estate investments. A complex can be expensive, but a duplex or triplex is more affordable and provides two or three times the amount of rent. Managing an apartment building requires a time commitment that you may not be willing to make, so you might need to work with a property management company or hire your own management team to deal with the property on a day-to-day basis.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are among the most affordable investment properties to buy, and buying mobile homes could be a good way to break into real estate investing. You can rent and flip mobile homes just like you can single-family homes. You can buy homes in parks or on private lots of land.

Vacation Homes

If you live in an area with tourist attractions or that's near a major university, you may want to invest in homes for the vacation or temporary housing market. Vacation homes can be upscale and bring in a good amount of rent if you can keep the homes booked. However, you can also buy a basic ranch home in a suburban area since some people need less expensive vacation accommodations.

Keeping your vacation homes booked requires marketing skill, so you might want to work with a vacation home management company to handle booking, cleaning, and caring for your homes while you enjoy the income and return on your investments.

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