Starting a new business is exciting, yet it creates many decisions and responsibilities. For one, you might need to rent a commercial property for your business operations. If this is on your list of things to do, you might want to learn a few things before searching for a property to lease. As you search for commercial property to rent, it would help to know several vital facts. Here is a guide to help you know what to look for as you search your area for commercial property rentals.

Location is key

As you probably know, location is the number one factor to consider. A property's location is key. The location dictates your commute time to and from your business. Additionally, it controls safety issues and crime. It also can attract or hinder customers. Therefore, you'll need to choose a safe, good location for your business, and you can keep this in mind as you search for commercial property for rent.

Commercial space is labeled differently

Secondly, you might notice that commercial space has a different label for size. Commercial space is often listed in terms of cubic feet instead of square feet. But what does this mean? Cubic feet factor in the height of the space instead of just the dimensions of the space.

Many companies look for commercial space with tall ceilings, as this provides more storage space for their businesses. Tall ceilings also allow them to operate equipment inside the buildings. Therefore, you might notice that one space appears smaller than others when you view it, but it might be due to the way they calculate the space. After all, cubic feet are different from square feet.

Look into the systems

Additionally, look closely at the systems within a commercial property. For example, does the building provide enough heating and cooling for your business needs? Does it have a fire suppression system? Are you able to update and change the space as needed?

You can ask questions when viewing commercial space, and you should. Additionally, you should consider all the systems, ages, and conditions. When you factor these things into your decision, you might find the right space to rent.

Contact a commercial real estate agent

Finally, you might want to hire a commercial real estate agent to help you find the right property to rent. A commercial real estate agent can help you find spaces for rent and know what to look for when touring them.